Do your job.

The double of 33 McVay, the coach opponent. That could be his son. Or even his nephew … A holy man. “Armed” by ordinance sweatshirt, the one unassailable motto: “Do jour job”. Do your job.

He asks each of the boys to “make her.” Trusting that the collective will make a difference once more. That the sum of the values ​​of the team is greater than the individual ones of the players, not the best athletes in the league. But the biggest winners.

Experts, savvy. What they never beat yourself. Thanks to their mentor.

In Atlanta the Super Bowl stadium closes like a flower Sergeant Scarnecchiag – I do not know (almost) none, to the general public level. The former Marine sergeant 71 years ago, is the 33rd season as an assistant coach of the Patriots. At the 19th as Coach of the line of attack.

The key to New England to win the Super Bowl will be the 5 steers arrayed before Brady: the center, the guards, the tackle. They will protect the 41 year-old phenomenon, which has the mobility of a bollard, now, but if you have time to launch yet knows how incomparable magic. Especially when it matters most. They will have to take care of him, to neutralize the pass rush of Donald and Suh. And open gates to the racing game.

To make the play action, the fake closed by a passage running, the weak point of the Rams defense, credible. If the Pats win, everyone will talk about Belichick and Brady, maybe Gronk. But the sergeant, looking at them in the eye, will know what happened to his “soldiers.” twins mccourty – Devin, safety phenomenal, is with the Patriots since 2010.

He has won a lot, but for him this is a special Super Bowl is the first shared with twinned (27 ‘younger) Jason, cornerback, as he defender secondary. They are identical. Sometimes it does not even recognize them Belichick, legend.

Intense symbiotic, I am the most beautiful story of a defense of “no names” compared to the Rams. With limited talent, but endless pride. The much-abused cliché of teammates who have a “family” has never been so true as this time, the first twins play a Super Bowl with the same shirt. michel – Yes, the Patriots are the veterans.

Those who do not fear the pressure. Those that have already passed. But a bit ‘of candor, irreverence, even awe, perhaps not hurt.

That’s running back, runner, from Georgia University, luxury freshman came from Draft 2018. He ran like a man possessed in the playoffs so far. Even 5 goals, ever post season record for a RB first year. Even 242 yds ground in only two games. It’ll be 24 years just two weeks after the Super Bowl.

The gift has already decided … Riccardo Pratesi  @ rprat75

March 18, 2019 – OSTIA Lorraine Busà celebrates the victory of the tricolor in the -55 kg: is the 18th career They close the Italian Championship in 2019 with a significant finding: the new recruits are ready, aggressive and are already taking their space. On Sunday in the women’s categories in fact the finals were the very young, the average age of the podium which is around 20 years.

Among confirmations and surprises, assigned five titles in 2019: Lallo, Busà, Angelucci, Semeraro and Ferracuti. Silvia Semeraro in action in the -68 kg against Pamela Bodei: the most beautiful end of the day CONFIRMATIONS – Continue to shine the star of Lorraine Busà (CS Carabinieri) which confirms the first place in the -55 kg surpassing Eleonora Lanzone (Strength and Constance) 2-0.

She is the only “veteran” of the day, 33 years and eighteenth flag in career: “This race has always feel I own and do not like to leave the other medals. I had confirmation of my fitness to 15 days by the Europeans and now I’m really ready. I have been given little chance in the past, now it’s my time and I did not leave you certainly get away, I just have to enter the race with the right head.

Karate is this: head, heart, hunger and dreams. ” GalleriaAssoluti karate 2019, the most exciting images Bronze Alesssandra Mangiacapra (G. S. Fiamme Oro) and Veronica Brunori (Talarico Karate Team).

It also reconfirms Silvia Semeraro (Army Sports Center) and in the -68 kg gives the public the PalaPellicone Ostia the most beautiful end of the day: a 4-1 trimmed Pamela Bodei (Team Pironti) in a bout fought and full of excellent technical . “I like to show off nice karate. I tested for the continental review that I hope will go just fine. I want to meet the strongest because only then do my best. The tricolor?

I won the first 17 years and I rewarded as the best athlete of the year, now I’m 23 and my career does not end here. ” The third step of the podium Asia Staglioli (Sports Center Shotokan) and Sofia Rampazzo (Sen Shin Kai Karate Padova). Clio Ferracuti celebrates after the final of +68 kg, yet another confirmation for her to close the day the fighting spirit of Clio Ferracuti (GS Fiamme Oro) overlooking the +68 kg surpassing 5-0 Giorgia Gentile (Talarico Karate Team) and reiterating its supremacy in women’s heavyweight: “I admit I felt the pre-race anxiety, will be the full arena, the fact of fighting at home, the atmosphere, or simply because the Italian title always has a different taste.

In the end it went well and I’m happy and I enjoyed the final. This victory goes to my team and myself. Now back to work with the continental goal. ” Bronze for Camilla Petruzzi (Karate Pozzuolo) and Alessia Este (Nakayama Karate). : The podium of -50 kg: the tricolor is Viola Lallo NEW ‘- The first new one is particularly so.

Viola Lallo athlete is now already well known internationally, part of the National Major, his class is always, however, was the -61 kg, while yesterday a surprise here it is to compete in the lighter weight -50 kg. And it does so dominating in every match and then winning his first overall title after the two silvers won in the previous category, surpassing in the final Asia Agus (Sport Connection Club) 2-0. “It’s been a long road to get here.

Lowering weight and changing ways of fighting opponents with different speeds and it was not easy, but I have always been active and dynamic, so in the end I was fine. I’m glad the title at last! Europeans?

If you were to get the call, I will be ready. ” Third place went to Erminia Perfect (Sportivo Fiamme Oro Group) and Camilla cable (Karate-Judo Don Bosco). Giulia Angelucci, 18, second overall title after the one in the -50 kg (2018), now comes the Big surprise in the -61 kg in -61 kg, left uncovered by the blue Laura Easter European champion in view of the commitment: to put neck the gold medal we thought Giulia Angelucci (Karate Pozzuolo) which repeats the title in 2018 but obtained in -50 kg.

As Lallo, she also passes two categories, leaving their mark in the final slightly ahead of Syria Mancinelli (G. S. Golden Flame), 1-0 defeat. “More than a year ago the meniscus injury and the operation made me drop weight that’s why that adventure in the lightweights, but my class is this. It is the 10th career title, the second overall and with only 18 years I still have many dreams and I know I have a long time ahead of me to achieve them.

I hope to make my passion a job and, who knows, one day the World … “. Third place for Federica Cavallaro (Rembukan Karate Villasmundo) and Sara Brogneri (Shirai Club Valentine’s Day). Chiara Money  @ thatsamoney_

March 5, 2019 – GLASGOW (Scotland) Gianmarco Tamberi, 26, in action the last Euroindoor Glasgow GETTY As a boxer. Or a ski jumper. Always poised on the scale. The secret of Gianmarco Tamberi, perhaps, lies in that needle that swings and goes up and down. Continuously.

The weight of Gimbo, so important for any athlete, and for those who must rise from the ground, in particular, is a wild card. The new European indoor champion, up 1.92, has an accordion with a dozen pounds. From 73.9 with which – sort of walking corpse – showed up at the World Championships in London 2017, which reached to 85.5 in October, at the end of vacation.

THE NUTRITIONIST “A premise – says the 26 year old financier -: the diet is by far the heaviest thing in my life to sport, there is intensity of a workout or difficulty of a race that takes. It is a constant thought, an obsession. Psychologically and physically very convincing. Certain waivers and certain deprivations they suffer.

In 2015 I turned to a nutritionist: for many reasons it is not a positive experience. I found myself devoid of energy and I was almost frightened.