Landlords & Property Managers

Getting your home ready to go on the market can be stressful. We will visit your home prior to listing and work with you to make sure you property looks great.



Holiday Homes, Pre & Post Marketing Cleans, Tenants / Landlords / Property Manager Services, New Home and Post Renovation Cleans

Owning and selling a property is an investment for you and your family, whether it be building your dream home from the ground up, renovating your existing family home, owning rental property, or having your own slice of paradise tucked away somewhere for holidays.

We offer a vast array of property cleaning options to suit everyone, because we know that everyone has different needs when it comes to their property.

Holiday Home Clean

Need a professional clean to get your slice of heaven to a Top Notch standard? Have you got it advertised for people to rent out and you know that it just might need a cleaning overhaul? Don’t want to clean it yourself? No worries, we are happy to service your oasis so that it is sparkling clean and ready for your next client, and you have complete peace of mind.

We take can take care of your Housekeeping needs so you can take care of what’s really important…Your guests!

When asked about the most important factor when choosing accommodation, most guests name cleanliness as their number one priority.

Though service and amenities are also important considerations, nothing beats a tidy room, sparkling bathroom, and fresh linen. Top Notch Domestic Service is able to cater for you, and we understand that the presentation of your business has an effect on your visitors.

Pre Sale & Post Sale Marketing Clean

Getting your home ready to go on the market can be stressful for any one.

Top Notch Domestic Services will visit your home prior to listing it for sale and along with yourself decide on the areas of your property that may need some help in order to present the best possible first impression for those all important Open Homes.

We can also help you in making your home sparkle from top bottom prior to any Open Homes that you or your chosen Real Estate Agent may have on your property.

Tenants, Landlords and Property Managers

This service is ideal for Tenants, Landlords, and Property Managers or just extremely helpful to anyone on the move when at a time when stress levels may be high.

Our staff will arrive as the Packers are leaving and clean the property leaving it in a professional first class finish ready for you the new owners or tenants.

Tenants do you need your house cleaned before moving day or Inspection day? Then give us a call we will see you right so that your Landlord or Property Manager will leave your place with a smile!

We can also help you when you are moving in to your new property by giving it a sparkle after you have settled in to your new home.

New Home or Post Renovation Clean

At Top Notch Domestic Service we know how stressful it can be having builders in. So why not ease that stress by having us come and professionally clean from top to bottom.

We will professionally clean your property and bring it up to a super clean standard ready for you to move back in. We will leave your home nice and tidy, just the way you would like it. In a few hours your property will be spotless and sparkle.

The service is available any time any day as any other. We know it is important for you that your house is spotless and we work hard to achieve outstanding results.

We know that building a new home and preparing it for final inspection and move-in, are times when busy builders and homeowners could use a little extra help.

We believe in providing a high quality of cleaning, so when the new owners move in – often after a very stressful time of extra costs, problems and delays – they will be happy.

We often find the houses with mess from builders that have left grout, paint, glue etc. on tiles, windows and bath.  We try our best to get it off without causing any damage.  This often requires slow, careful and meticulous extra work.

We will also use a checklist.  As we are cleaning every corner off the house, we will be able to discover if there will be something missing, broken or needing to be redone.  The checklist will make you aware, so you can rectify it.

Note: We should be absolutely the last people in the house before take over date!


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